I am a member of the Dutch association of Alexander Teachers, the NeVLAT. On their website you can find a lot of interesting information about the Alexander Technique.

For more information about the interesting and turbulent life of F. M. Alexander, check out this website.

In the scientific world, interest in the Alexander Technique is rising. More and more scientific research on its effects is published, among other places in the British Medical Journal. The verdict is strikingly good. Read more about this research here.

Training: are you thinking of becoming an Alexander teacher? I was trained by Paul Versteeg and Tessa Marwick at the Alexander Technique Centre Amsterdam. A great place and fantastic teachers!

This video of Arthur Rubinstein playing Schubert is a beautiful example of ‘Alexander Technique – proof’ playing. Watch how his head is beautifully balanced on the top of his neck and how he does not at all interfere with the process of his own playing!