Since 1996 I have been a member of Asko|Schönberg, the foremost ensemble for contemporary music in the Netherlands. We are internationally renowned for our repertoire and performances. With this ensemble I’ve also performed many times as a soloist. Over the years, we have played countless new compositions.
I find contemporary music wonderful and exciting to play. The intense and direct collaboration with composers has formed me as a musician in so many ways. It is a relief when a composer is still alive so that you can ask them all kinds of things about their music! The process of working together is fascinating to me.
I also love contemporary music because it often sounds strange, it is not always beautiful and because it often surprises me. I love a bit of adventure and with this music I get my enjoyable share.
With Asko|Schönberg I have some amazing memories. Working together with illustrious composers such as Andriessen, Ligeti, Stockhausen, Kagel, Knussen; tours to the United States, Japan, Korea, but also everywhere in Europe: it is a top-class ensemble playing top-class repertoire with fantastic musicians! Read more about Asko|Schönberg.