After years of performing – years in which I was constantly searching for ways to deal successfully with the stress of being on stage, being a perfectionist, having overloaded schedules and so on, I stumbled upon the Alexander Technique through a colleague. I tried one lesson and I was hooked immediately. The fact that you leave yourself alone, that you organise yourself through thinking but don’t have to do anything, that your body seems to know all by itself how to be organised if you just give it the right directions, the fact that I simply didn’t have to strive during these lessons, the calming instructions and hands of the teacher: all of it gave me the feeling of coming home.
I decided very soon that I wanted to train to be a teacher; at first my aim was to become better at this technique since one lesson a week was not enough for me anymore. But during the training the incentive soon became to help other people with this wonderful technique. In the years that followed I have seen how people can change with this technique; how they can feel free at last and how they can choose a path which previously they hadn’t even thought was possible for them.
Without the Alexander Technique I definitely would not be where I am now, I can say that honestly. Next to music it is the most beautiful thing in my life!
I graduated in 2004 at the Alexander Technique Centre Amsterdam with Paul Versteeg and Tessa Marwick. In 2010 I followed a course of Eutokia (Alexander Technique for pregnant women) in London with Ilana Machover. I regularly (several times a year) take retraining courses and keep myself informed of the latest developments in this great work.