Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique was developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955). He was a driven and talented actor who at a certain moment in his career experienced problems with his voice. He solved those problems by observing himself in the mirror. That way he found out that he himself was causing his voice problems: in several ways, he was doing too much. For instance, he strained his neck a lot and contracted his head into his spine. That caused his breath to stiffen, which created tension in his throat and vocal cords, etc.
It took quite long for him to get a clear picture of all his bad habits. This is because the problem with habits is that your brain experiences them as normal and therefore it is difficult to ‘discover’ them. But he made it. Based on his observations he developed a method to be able to stop all the unnecessary activity. This way he created an elegant technique to leave himself alone and do less, while at the same time moving more efficiently and with better coordination.